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Image of a Solomon Islands classroom

Solomon Islands

Located throughout the capital Honiara and rural areas of Guadalcanal Province, this 360° virtual reality film takes the audience through the experiences of a group of Solomon Islanders who have experienced conflict in different ways. Through their memories, hopes and fears, we learn the past, present and future price of conflict.

bougainville resident

Papua New Guinea

Travelling to the remote community of Konnou, in the far south of Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, we meet Elsie and Timothy, two people whose lives were forever changed by conflict, and who are now looking forward with hope and finding peace through the revival of cocoa production.

image of a Solomon Islands child


The Price of Conflict, the Prospect of Peace aims to transport audiences deep into the heart of Asia-Pacific, to share the stories of those whose lives have been forever changed by conflict. Produced in partnership with virtual reality specialists S1T2 and the World Bank, this series aims to provide deep, personal insights into conflict and post-conflict countries throughout Asia-Pacific, and to demonstrate the impact of programs to support conflict recovery.

With sincere thanks to the team, staff and volunteers that dedicated their time and assisted throughout each film.

All Films

  • Executive ProducerCarl Hanlon
  • Series ProducerTom Perry
  • Associate ProducerKara Mouyis
  • DirectorChris Panzetta
  • Director of PhotographyJosh Flavell
  • Production Sound MixerEren Sener
  • 1st ADTash Tan
  • Interview & Narrative SupportAlana Holmberg
  • Post-Production SupervisorNicky Tunpitcha
  • EditorChris Panzetta
    Tash Tan
  • PhotographyAlana Holmberg

Solomon Islands

  • Field ProducerEvan Wasuka
  • Production Coordinator and TranslatorDorothy Wickham
  • Special Thanks To... Andrew Fioga
    Charles Mueta and Friends
    Ecclesia Stica
    Honiara Boys and Girls Brigade
    Visale Primary School
    Joseph Major

Papua New Guinea

  • Field ProducerRuth Moiam
  • Production Coordinator and TranslatorGeraldine Paul
  • Special Thanks To... Timothy Koluvai
    Elsie Konovai
    Joelina Patua
    Rex Naisy
    Jacob Potoura
    Margaret Potoura
    Emil Konovai
    Laron Konovai
    Billy Tukunoe
    James Konovai
    Peter Kanarie
    Veronica Nasiy

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S1T2 stands for Story 1st, Technology 2nd. We are a creative technology agency that believes technology can enrich the way we tell stories. The team is always excited to work with storytellers, brands and agencies posing creative endeavours and challenges.

Contact S1T2 by emailing or calling (02) 9698 7155


The World Bank virtual reality documentary series 'The Price of Conflict, The Prospect of Peace' is supported by the International development Association (IDA), the World Bank's fund for the world's poorest. If you would like to know more information about the program or the World Bank contact .

Alana Holmberg

The photographs on this site are by Melbourne-based documentary photographer, Alana Holmberg. Alana works with organisations interested in telling emotive visual stories that forge close, empathic connections between audience and subject.

Contact Alana on 0409 143 387.

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